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Protect yourself my fellow Neopians

Apparently this hacking for high end NC items has been happening alot lately. Just like 3-4 years ago when we had that rash of ppl hacking for D/UC/K s. Well protect yo self ppls. Check for security leaks, don’t accpet cookies, and don’t visit any petpages/userlookups for the time being.

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Update on Hacked Neopets Accounts

I got them frozen to advert any further damage and have submitted tickets, so that’s all I can do for now. They took a lot of my high end NC items, like my Butterfly Dress and Isca Wig. They left my pets intact thankfully, I have a friggin Draik. I just hope they left my millions of NP (doubt it). NC is easy to get, NP is hard to make. I’m honestly more upset about that. I hope I get everything back.

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