Mystical Moonstone

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Welp everything in my Etsy sold except for this lovely (wonder why?) Anyways this lovely is still available. It fits MH and EAH, though it is a bit tight on EAH.

(note:bottom pic was from before I added neck ties) I added the second pic here to kinda show it off in the daylight a bit better

Available here :

I’ll be having some more things made from this fabric coming up soon hopefully.

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So i gave in and let her out! She is seriously so beautiful im gonna cry. Her cloak is so incredibly gorgeous, i didnt realise it was velvet and its so huge and heavy and gorgeous omg. My queen. 🍂

She looks so gorgeous! Glad you decided to take her out the box!💜

*cries* I still need this doll, I tried to bid on one today, but I could not go over a hundred unfortunately. Hopefully I get a job or make more doll clothes to sell soon so I can afford one. This is the kind of doll I’m willing to spend grocery money on and go hungry if you know what I mean.

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The newest addition to the shop, a Clawvenus repaint, Sparrow.
Sparrows hair has been replaced with faux leaves, she has a dusting of gold pearlex over her ears an face, aswell as her hands.

Clawvenus is a particularly challenging doll, due to the her skin color.
It takes the right colors to calm that green into a NICE shade.
She is for sale here.

Dang she sold fast! I love her, I had been thinking I didn’t really like Claw Venus, but this is a beautiful solution! I’m tempted to ask you to make me one

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